5 reasons for ASDIS:

    • Optimal implementation in existing IT-structures
    • Maximum flexibility through independence of operating systems, manufacturers and hardware
    • Coherent administration through platform-independence
    • Highest level of security (e.g. SSL encryption)
    • Reliable and comprehensive service with a direct contact person


What our customers say about us:

    • Peter Schmeller, IT-Services, Müller Ltd. Co. KG:
      “"Without ASDIS, the software management in our more than 600 branches would be an enormous undertaking. It would not be practical."
    • Sandro Voß, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (German Federal Pension Fund):
      "We are 10 times faster with installation than before through the migration in our distribution philosophy and the increased use of the standard tools. Likewise, we were also able to reduce our time expenditure for deployment and preparation, as simplification is a consequence of standardization."
    • Deutsche Bank-Team-Manager Detlef Wedekind answered to the question why they chose ASDIS ATM-/Kiosk-Management:
      "Deutsche Bank requires the maximum possible technical security -- in the standard product, not as an add-on."