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June 2014

Auconet Acquires ASDIS - Extends ITOM Portfolio with Best-in-Class System Management Solutions

ASDIS’ leading-edge management solutions for server, ATM/kiosk, POS/retail systems, and mobile devices add new dimension to Auconet BICS


San Francisco, CA and Berlin, Germany, 10th June, 2014.


Auconet, the visionary leader in next-generation IT Operations Management (ITOM), today announced that it has acquired ASDIS, the provider of best-in-class System Management including ATM, POS and kiosk solutions. This acquisition strengthens the Auconet Business Infrastructure Control Solution (BICS) and adds high-profile customers in the banking, insurance, logistics, transportation, and retail sectors to its extensive customer base.

“After a long-standing strategic partnership with ASDIS, Auconet will now offer the combined solution, which solidifies its position as the leader in next-generation ITOM,” said Frank Winter, CEO of Auconet. “Adding ASDIS’ leading-edge solutions to Auconet BICS results in complete data center-to-endpoint management with centralized and automated control. Both the Auconet and ASDIS solutions were designed from the ground up to support the real-world needs of vast enterprises for today’s and tomorrow’s ITOM challenges, including BYOD and the Internet of Everything. We will now offer existing and new customers a complete platform for the new era of IT Operations Management.”


“We are pleased that ASDIS has become part of the Auconet team,” said Gunther Thies, CEO of Ventura Management, the equity company that sold its stake in ASDIS to Auconet. “This is a synergistic pairing, benefiting both of the companies and their customers. As part of Auconet, ASDIS’ customers - including global leaders UBS, DHL, and ING - will now have access to a full range of ITOM capabilities, and Auconet customers will benefit from the industry-leading ASDIS Management Suite.”


ASDIS’ comprehensive solutions portfolio includes ATM/Kiosk Management, Server Management, Retail Management, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) to ensure 24/7 reliability and availability with centralized, request-based management, software distribution, persistent monitoring, and self-healing capabilities.


Customer installations include 8,500 ATMs securely managed to ensure 100% availability, revision security, and centralized life-cycle management for global financial institution ING, which serves over 47 million customers in 40 countries.


“ASDIS customers have been asking for additional functionality, in particular a modern, robust, infrastructure-monitoring solution,” said Daniel Lichterfeld, CEO of ASDIS. “We will now be able to instantly satisfy this customer requirement and also extend the ASDIS solution to the Auconet customer base,” Lichterfeld concluded.


Auconet BICS is at the forefront of a new generation of ITOM, based on a solid foundation of IT Infrastructure Management. BICS provides comprehensive, persistent network control for all network devices, ports, and endpoints. Vendor- and version-agnostic, BICS is able to control all devices from all manufacturers, including all legacy devices. BICS’ centralized, data-rich, visual infrastructure control, with a persistent CMDB, delivers unprecedented IT management for vast, global networks - with 500,000+ endpoints - improving visibility, availability and reliability, while lowering IT costs. Top-tier Global 1000 firms, including industry giants BASF, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, and one of Europe’s largest financial networks, Finanz Informatik, trust Auconet BICS to manage millions of devices and endpoints, and secure their IT infrastructures around the world.

About Auconet

Auconet provides next-generation ITOM to Global 1000 enterprises, via its comprehensive platform, for the integration of all IT Operations Management areas. Auconet provides centralized, data-rich, visual infrastructure and systems control for an unprecedented level of management for vast, global IT operations. Companies including BASF, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, ING, DHL, and UBS trust Auconet. Auconet is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with EU sales, support, and research and development offices in Berlin, Germany. For more information, visit:

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Stay a step ahead of the crime – With ASDIS protect your automated teller machines optimally against manipulations

ASDIS fraud fighting solutions secure your ATMs optimally


Berlin, 10th June, 2014.

Manipulations of automated teller machines are commonplace nowadays and are more and more professionally performed. Attaching additional keyboards or card slots are just two of the many strategies of manipulation, which come to be costly both to the ATM-owners and the customers.  ASDIS gives you a comprehensive protection of your ATMs.

Fraud fighting solutions are a staple part of ASDIS products. They are used for detection and analysis of unusual ATM events. Among the recognizable events are for example unauthorized opening of the housing, the withdrawal of a card, messages of anti-skimming devices, or the display of a payment dysfunction.

Although not every conspicuous incident is of criminal nature, ASDIS evaluates all occurrences  automated and intelligent. Both the recognition of already known and previously unknown manipulations are for ASDIS not a problem. Latter are detected by means of a heuristic diagnose.

Crucial for the successful defense of fraud is the immediate trigger of actions after the detection of a manipulation. Fraud fighting functions initiate a shutdown of the automated teller machine or turn it offline. In addition, relevant  reports  are provided at a central location and e-mails or text messages are sent. Thereby, the ATM operator is informed about a manipulation immediately.

The products of ASDIS can be easily integrated into your existing system. Thus, the continued safe operation of your ATMs is guaranteed. With ASDIS you are protected excellently against manipulations and more than that you can prevent proactively the loss of image and capital.

For more exciting information about fraud fighting solutions, please visit this link:


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May 2014

Team ASDIS 6.0 – Capturing collectively the pole position

Innovative functions and modern design – ASDIS presents the new generation 6.0 of its Management Suite


Berlin, 13th May, 2014.

ASDIS Solutions publishes a new major release of its Management Suite ASDIS and breathes new life into the sector of system and software management. The various innovations and improvements turn the release into a more reliable and faster suite that meets your requirements completely.

From now on the release 6.0 supports the platforms Mac OS X, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Therewith the Berlin-based company manages all platforms.

High availability of the IT infrastructure is still the focus of ASDIS software. With the fully automated review of accessibility and functionality of systems ASDIS points up problematic systems and tries to repair them.

To improve the data center and cloud management, the new release integrates the ability to manage systems without agents. The administration of virtual infrastructures (e.g.: via openstack) or the operation of known interfaces (e.g.: VMWare API) is particularly flexible, efficient and requires a little administrative effort.

The new release makes every software and configuration manageable. With the help of advanced scanning technology ASDIS recognizes existing software and transforms it into a manageable unit – without using thirdparty software.

ASDIS 6.0 makes with its modern, fully renewed user interface another big step towards intuitive operation. With the new release, you will be able to work with little prior knowledge to plan and perform even complex system administration tasks.

ASDIS 6.0 was published at the beginning of May.


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April 2014

Handle the ATM-Migration on Windows 7 with ASDIS – fast, secure, automated and transparent

ASDIS supports  you in the current biggest challenge in the sector of automated teller machines: The migration from Windows XP to Windows 7


Berlin, 29th April, 2014.

Although support for Windows XP is set to 8th of April 2014, a large number of ATMs is still running on the operating system from 2001. The migration to Windows 7 brings many challenges and problems with it. Often the necessary transparency and the right product is missing to cope with the challenge. ASDIS offers the ideal solution for fast and easy migration of your ATMs.


Further operation of Windows XP is possible for the moment, however, associated with a number of cost-intensive and organisationally complex steps. As a result, the competitiveness is reduced and safety is no longer guaranteed.


ASDIS recommends an immediate, cost-effective and rapid migration to Windows 7. The number of the required ressources (staff, hardware etc.) should be kept as low as possible and the availability of the ATMs during the migration process as high as possible. With ASDIS you get the necessary software as well as a clear defined and comprehensible process. From the analysis of the compatibility of the devices to the final put into operation, ASDIS performs all steps independently. The automation of isolated processes not only ensures a fast but also a safe flow of migration. In just eight steps, your ATMs are fully migrated and ready for future.


Contact: Klauspeter Hübner


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