October 2013

ATM Industry Association (ATMIA): ASDIS Solutions becomes member

The Berlin-based IT company underlines his commitment in the area of ATM management


Berlin, 24th October, 2013

By taking this step, ASDIS Solutions strongly intends to prepare for future challenges in ATM management in order to continue with the deployment of cutting-edge solutions for clients. According to ATMIA, current trends focus onto innovative encryption methods, new payment systems and security issues against ATM attacks. In this connection, ASDIS Solutions profits from valuable information regarding business developments and trends within the ATM market. Moreover, regular scheduled conferences support networking and the exchange with accounted ATM experts.     

The globally organized industry association acts as driver for solution-oriented innovations and promotes business interests. In fact, ATMIA offers a wide range of consulting and training services for the creation of new business opportunities for ASDIS Solutions.  

Klauspeter Huebner, project manager at ASDIS Solutions, explains: “The membership permits us access to valuable knowledge in the area of ATM security, which will be utilized for the advancement of products (e.g. new features).”

July 2013

ASDIS 5.5 is ready for takeoff

The new release of ASDIS Solutions offers enlarged functions and more speed


Berlin, 9th July, 2013
Apart from technological and functional improvements, the new version supports Java 7 and JBoss 7. Additionally, the compatibility of current operating systems (e.g. Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Solaris 11) will be ensured.   

Klauspeter Hübner, accountable project manager at ASDIS Solutions, explains: „Improvement of speed was the main focus of the new version. As a result, ASDIS 5.5 requires fewer resources and permits the software to advance much faster. This becomes mainly significant for complex job tasks. “    

Moreover, the update delivers supportive functional enrichments. For example, additional monitoring features expand the possibilities for the management of the system.  In case of migration, present databases can be easily continued to use. 

June 2013

KVANT Institute goes for ASDIS

ASDIS Solutions attracts another client from Eastern Europe


Berlin, 18th June, 2013.
Concerning the IT management, the technology corporation KVANT relies on the advantages of the ASDIS Management Suite. The Russian company profits from a tailor-made solution in the range of desktop & server management. The full scope of the deal contains the installation of operating systems, the software management, and numerous features to observe the IT-architecture which is accompanied by a complete service offering for all software issues. In this context, the specific multi-platform capability of ASDIS and the compatibility with various operating systems define the unique advantage. 


Klauspeter Hübner, accountable project manager at ASDIS Solutions, summarizes: “ASDIS simplifies the effort of the IT department and safes valuable resources. Critical success factors are the central management of the IT and the automatized processes with regard to software installations and maintenance. Beyond that, a thorough security standard ensures full protection of the high-security systems of KVANT.”

May 2013

Android app for ASDIS software enhances mobile usability

Berlin, 22th of May 2013

ASDIS Solutions launches the first beta version of the ASDIS app for Android devices and extends its proposition for mobile solutions. The app accesses the most important key figures of ASDIS and provides them in a comprehensive view. Prospectively, additional administrative functions will be based upon user preferences.


The app supports user to monitor running and completed processes in ASDIS. In the event that problems occur, the user receives a specific detailed view. Additionally, the current status of IT-equipment can be easily obtained.


The Head of IT, Michael Krüger explains the advantage of the app as opposed to the commonly used web interface: “The app enables IT Managers and system administrators to rapidly observe ASDIS via mobile devices without drawing on the time consuming browser-based interfaces. Moreover, it becomes promptly familiar due to the self-explaining nature. With regards to security issues, the app entirely complies with existing standards.”     


Interested parties can download the release candidate from Play Store (http://bit.ly/17Zjnfz). Individual preferences regarding functional extensions can be directly addressed to ASDIS Solutions (info(at)asdis.com).