April 2011

Restructuring completed/ Daniel Lichterfeld undertakes the company management

Berlin, April 2011. The phase of restructuring has been completed successfully, as planned. Now the company bases on a solid and sustainable financial structure again and is profitable operative. The satisfaction and the trust of the existing customers has been substantial contribution. About 95% of the contracts for maintenance have been extended long-ranging. Furthermore ASDIS Solutions could win some new costumers, what also helped with reaching the milestone. Also a number of new consulting- and development-projects are ordered. This is the footing with which ASDIS will drive the development of its software forward and guide the company to a healthy and sustainable growing in the coming years.


Another Information, the ASDIS Solutions GmbH presented, is that the new managing director of the company will be Daniel Lichterfeld. He is following Thomas Benz, who will leave the company in the end of April like planned. From the beginning Mr. Benz limited his support on the phase of restructuring and conduced to the success outstandingly.


Now, with the person of Mr. Lichterfeld, an experienced software architect, is on top of the technology-driven company. Mr. Lichterfeld has about 15 years of experiences in development and management in software industry. He already controls the department of software development since 5 years.