Operating System Management (OSM)

Automate the initial installation operating systems in heterogeneous IT landscapes. ASDIS offers an efficient solution for defining and accomplishing complex installations easily.



ASDIS OSM is the ideal solution if…


… previously work-intensive installation procedures need to be simplified and standardized


… parallel initial installations for a large number of different terminal devices are necessary


… fail-safe operation is a critical factor for success


… many differing components and BIOS versions in the hardware do not comply with standards


… various locations should be controlled from one central point


… fully automated RAID configurations are required


… no longer serviced installations of operating systems for Microsoft or Linux are used


Your advantages with ASDIS:


    • Easy integration into existing structures
    • Installation of the central components on Windows, Linux or Solaris servers
    • Fast commissioning through easy and intuitive operating
    • Homogeneous administration of different platforms
    • Scalable as solution across locations
    • Redundant configurations ensure 100% uptime
    • Economy of time during planning and operation