Mobile Endpoint Manager (MEM)

Manage all your mobile work equipment regardless of whether employee-owned or company-owned which have access to the internal company networks. Protect your access to e-mail server and your critical company
data. With ASDIS you receive a solution for establishing requirements of security and compliance.



ASDIS MEM will be the ideal solution if...


… the number and variety of mobile devices within the company network has increased


… mobile devices of the employees are supposed to be fully operational


… a central and scalable solution shall enable the integration of different locations and types of devices


… protection of sensitive data and blacklisting of apps is important


… the depicted structure for the administration of mobile terminal devices are utilized


Your advantages with ASDIS:


    • Integration and central managing of mobile devices with little effort
    • A secure solution also in order to involve the employee-owned devices
    • All-round protection by individual definable  parameters (e.g. Data Leakage Prevention)
    • Automated software distribution
    • Independent of operating systems, platform, unit type and location