ASDIS - Managing Complexity.

ASDIS Solutions is a modern innovative company based in Berlin, Germany. As an independent software vendor, we provide you with products and services for the automated management of your heterogeneous IT infrastructure. Sound, established knowledge together with the latest technologies guarantee security for your investment and future.

  • Benefit from over 20 years of experience as an independent software vendor
    ASDIS 1.0 was released  in 1989 as the result of a cooperation between Berliner Bank and Siemens Nixdorf. The product’s ability to manage large server environments, its cost-savings potential and flexibility lead to its profitable use in other areas of application.
  • Stay flexible with specific customer extensions
    Together with you, ASDIS Solutions employees analyse your IT infrastructure and processes and map them onto an operational concept. If your requirements exceed the scope of our standard products, they can be realized within customer specific extensions.
  • The best possible protection for your business
    Wether in problem solving, operational assistance, training or license extension, the ASDIS Team supports you quickly and directly. Through an Agile Software Development process and short iterations it is possible to accommodate your requests concerning further development of the standard product.
  • Increase the reliability of the systems based on the standard product
    It is particularly important in the banking sector to maintain the highest security standards. We attach great importance to the implementation of those standards in the further development of our products. By using ASDIS you ensure high availability of your IT infrastructure and secure the ongoing operation in your company.
  • Simple and future-proof management of your heterogeneous IT
    The ASDIS software is available for all common operating systems – across all platforms and versions. Centralize and unify the administration of your heterogeneous infrastructure. ASDIS works closely with the manufacturers of different platforms thus ensuring optimal compatibility. On request, ASDIS software can be released for further platforms.
  • Well-known customers trust in ASDIS
    Our customers and references speak for the flexibility and reliability of our product. Among others, DHL, and Deutsche Bahn manage their package stations, and ticket machines 100% with ASDIS. UBS, Euronet Worldwide and the drugstore chain Müller also rely on the experience and competence of the ASDIS team.