ASDIS Web Service Integration (AWS)

Bind ASDIS to your company-specific application and enable automatic data exchange between different systems within the company.  


AWS is the ideal solution if …


… reliable interfaces for the administration of software applications do not exist

… automated exchange of data causes technical problems

… integration of third party components (e.g. email, ERP) is laborious and inconvenient

… a version-change can only be realized at a great expense

… common security standards (e.g. SLL) are considered basic features


Your advantages with ASDIS:


    • External access to ASDIS
    • Automated data exchange operating across locations due to technological independence
    • Simple implementation of individual adjustments
    • Version changes with minimal effort (downwards compatibility)
    • Compliance with all current security requirements (e.g. authentication, data integrity)


ASDIS XML Integration

In comparison with the web service interface, XML is much easier to implement, however with less functions.. The advantage of this interface is above all the easy implementation of the ASDIS Workflow Management system.